A Fairytale from Iceland

09. March 2017
Ines Margato

The Kumu’s auditorium told us an Icelandic folk story through Ragga Gröndal and Guðmundur Pétursson. A tale that took us to the world of imaginarium connected with heritage, nature, dreams, friendship and love. Her voice is rich in nuances, tones and expressions. His guitars are mysterious and profound. In the room, the public embraced the story with curiosity.


Fairytales are magical make-believe stories that enchant us throughout the generations. And so it happened during Gröndal’s and Pétursson’s concert. They have been collaborating for more than 10 years, sharing their connection with Icelandic roots and folk culture, through traditional and contemporary music.


Ragga has been exploring Icelandic folk music since 2003, being considered a remarkable voice in Iceland, and recognised four-times with Icelandic Music Awards. Guðmundur is also an experienced award-winner artist with versatile guitar skills.


They shared music from different Ragga’s albums with his colorful and rhythmical arrangements. Ragga was on stage with a green fairy-like dress and Guðmundur with a casual glamour. A simplicity in comparison to the deep feelings experienced in the room.


During the concert, the duo presented themselves relaxed and friendly. His presence was shy and shinning, in contrast to her expressive faces and body language. However, they both closed their eyes keeping their hearts open, connected with the words spoken but above it, to their heritage.


Her voice tells different narratives of life and nature, touching the soul deeply. A lonely coyote that searches for something in the desert, but does not know what. The swans flying away in the winter. An insomniac night, with the thoughts spinning round and round. A wedding day song. The dramatic groundlessness of the human being. A mother unable to protect her child from evil. Motherhood. Love for poetry. Friendship.


The listeners had an active participation in this storytelling. For instance, they were attentive to the dynamics on stage, to the themes and rhythmical sequences. Ragga was impressed with Estonians ability to sing.


The different elements present transformed this tale into a unique travel in the mystical world of Icelandic language and culture. Thank you!
Ragga Gröndal and Guðmundur Pétursson
Saturday 4th March 2017, 5 pm at the Kumu Art Museum Auditorium
Ragga Gröndal (vocal, piano, keyboard), Guomundur Pétursson (accoustic and electric guitars)


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