A journey through the sacred music of Maria Faust

11. December 2017
Ines Margato

The oldest church in Tallinn, St. Mary’s Cathedral, opened the doors for an unordinary concert. Maria Faust presented her project Sacrum Facere, a cycle of songs inspired in the Estonian folklore and sacred music. The name derives from Latin and it means to make (facere) sacred (sacrum). By this meaning, the historical walls offered the ideal acoustics and atmosphere for such magical, mysterious and glorified concert.


The album “Maria Faust Sacrum Facere” was released in 2014 and it has been played in different European stages and praised by many critics. However, this time the arrangements were adapted for woodwinds instruments and the Tallinn Dome Church organ.


The musicians came on the stage one by one and the public welcomed them warmly. Emanuele Maniscalco sat by the organ opened the concert with simple notes. Soon the rest of the instruments played by Maria Faust (from Estonia and living in Denmark), Francesco Bigoni (from Italy), Tobias Wiklund (from Sweden), Ned Ferm (from United States), Emanuele Maniscalco (from Italy), Anders Banke (from Denmark), Lars Andreas Haug (from Norway) joined him. The individuality of each instrument was honoured with exceptional technique and personal language. Together, they were harmonious, full of adventurous variations and abundant in musical conversations. The compositions were complex and bold.


The cold winter night became more energetic and creative, with the possibility to go on a deep heart journey to the sacred, to establish a transformative connection with mystical realms. It was a gift, a gate-way into other level of the inner world. Definitely a worthwhile musical experience.


Maria Faust Sacrum Facere (Estonia-Denmark)
Saturday 9th December 2017, 5pm at the St. Mary’s Cathedral (Tallinna Toomkirik), Tallinn
Maria Faust – alto saxophone, clarinet, vocal
Francesco Bigoni – clarinet
Tobias Wiklun – trumpet
Ned Ferm – tenor saxophone
Emanuele Maniscalco – piano, organ
Anders Banke – bass clarinet
Lars Andreas Haug – trombone


Check out the photos here.