A nordic inspiration in Japan by a French soul

12. March 2017
Mihaela Barac

Spring is here. Music is here. On a particular Friday evening, on a new brighter season, in the coziest club in Tallinn – cultures met from around the continent. Matthieu and Armelle put together, in a hypnotizing way, sounds from France, Japan, Scotland and Italy. This young duo from France found a delightful balance of vibes and rhythms. They shared with us their great journey of discoveries and passions. The instruments obviously have seen them all and sung them even better.


All songs were taken from their origins and mixed with new bright colors from the artists’ conscience. First song was called Voltaire/Fushin…in the name of a French/Japanese personality. It was composed by Matthieu Metzger and it had deep nostalgia taste. We had the opportunity to get to know the tempo of mazurka – a folk dance in triple meter. It was especially surprising when they combined technology and old instrument, by accompanying in the play Sinovi with an old organ recorded on the phone in an old house… kept the spirit and put it in a new shape – literally.


The songs were very frisky, but the instruments are always “holding hands”, very in tune with each over, creating amusing incantations. We felt like on the streets of old countryside in France while meeting a very pleasant, but drunk Scottish person while tasting a glass of Italian wine.


They did bring the feeling of playful and joyful spring upon us – a spring mazurka evening.



19.00, 3rd of March, 2017
Club Philly’s Joe, Tallinn

Armelle Dousset – accordion
Matthieu Metzger – saxophone


Check the photos here.