A stunning evening in Dianne Reeves’s living room

29. April 2017
Ines Margato

A charming public filled the Nordea concert hall, waiting expectantly for something uncommon – Dianne Reeves and her Quartet. Throughout the concert, the artists shared the true essence of jazz. Her luxuriant voice and vocal lines and the band’s finest instrumentals full of melodies and creativity captivated the public from the first moment until…


The concert began with the quartet – Peter Martin on piano, Romero Lubambo on guitar, Reginald Veal on bass, and Terreon Gully on drums – jamming a lively and fresh set up. Each them showed off precise technique, clear tones, and pure enjoyment building anticipation for a phenomenal musical experience about to happen.


The band started to play instrument by instrument, layer by layer, the musical lines of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams”. Their creative arrangements were soft and smooth like the sun rising at the beginning of a new day. A few beats later, Dianne Reeves stepped onto the stage dressed in black, with silvery high-heel shoes, a shining crystal necklace and red lips. Her presence was dominant and inspiring from this moment on.


There is no doubt that Reeves is one of the most admired queens of jazz. Her body feels the blues and her voice expresses it. Reeves sang classics and contemporary jazz melodies, but also songs with a touch of bossa nova, Latin and African influence. Her voice is an instrument on its own with an infinitive power.


In almost every song there were strong aspects of improvisation, yet it seemed effortless. One of the highlights of the night came when, singing, and carefully and rhythmically supported by the quartet, Reeves introduced and complimented each band member using the entire musical scale.

The audience actively participated in the singing, laughing and clapping their hands. They responded in a natural and enthusiastic way to each of Reeves’s invitations to sing, showing their gratitude for such magnificent talent, and at the end of the concert showed their gratitude with a standing ovation.


The band returned to the stage and presented us with a light show: Reeves sang a version of Mali Music’s “Beautiful” and held her flashlight in the air. Suddenly, when she sang the words “one note, one voice, one people, one world, one love” there was a crowd of lights in the room.


Dianne Reeves (USA)

Thursday 27th April 2017, 7.00 pm at Nordeo Concert Hall (Tallinn)


Dianne Reeves (vocal)

Peter Martin (piano)

Romero Lubambo (guitar)

Reginald Veal (bass)

Terreon Gully (drums)

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