A taste of swing in Haapsalu

18. December 2018
Ines Margato

Haapsalu’s auditorium was the night’s hotspot! The busy evening was spiced up with an energetic concert by the six-member band Swing A La Django from Hungary. The public was welcomed with an elegant cosy dark room, with a slight the vintage touch, only a very few empty seats left when the concert started.


The band was on stage dressed in casual black, white suspenders and shiny shoes with black-white pattern. The atmosphere became even more classical and we could travel back in time and swing a long.


Swing A La Django was created by Pál Lombos in Autumn 2014. Here, in Estonia, they presented mainly their new album ‘Swing City – Virtuosity of Swing’ (2018). Band’s music is characterized as strong and with rhythmical grooves, blending Hungarian gypsy, swing, tango and jazz. The songs were lead by the rhythmical guitar and bass, followed by solos of violin, clarinet, accordion and cymbalom. From note to note, there was a fast and intricate loop, a messy speed and limitless innovation of acoustic presentations and rhythmical decorations.


This concert was a great opportunity to escape from busy contemporary life and you could fantasize about lindy hop and swing era of the late 1920s to early 1940s. This is what we all need from time to time.


Swing A La Django (Hungary)
Thursday, 13th of December 2018, 7pm at the Haapsalu Culture Centre
Gadza Bence – violin
Gera Gábor – accordion
Seres Vilmos – clarinet
Csurkulya József – cymbalom
Dani János – guitar
Lombos Pál – double bass


Check out the photos of the concert in Tallinn here.