AERIE proves music’s intensity in Tallinn

24. September 2015
Tinatin Baghashvili

AERIE held a concert on 19th of September in Tallinn, at Kumu Auditorium. Jazz music lovers were fascinated and listened silently the performance. The show was decorated with soft lighting and moving images on background of nest, bird eggs with brown and caramel colors. Visual staging was very appropriate to the music performed by the band, therefore the ambience was full of positive energy. 


The audience enjoyed the concert. International band talked to each other and spectators with the international language of their music. Compositions were driven from musicians’ personal life experience. Performers were constant relation with the attenders, gave short description of motives of each sample. 


The song “Snake” was created based on a story when saxophonist Ingo Hipp spent couple of months on an island and met accidently large snake. “Antagonism” was full of silent pain that was shown out through the drum beats, powerful bass and guitar notes, saxophone’s tangible siren sound. The piece was created by Ingo, who expressed very nicely his passion of antagonism concept. The final composition was called “Traveler” as a symbol of band members traveler passion. 


At the same time AERIE is a band offering constant rhythmic music with deep emotions, body involvement and positive attitude. Compositions were completed with sudden endings that disappointed listeners. At first listeners sink into the atmosphere covered by exploration of what is the modern jazz. International musicians try to avoid clichés of modern jazz and try to express different angle of the music. 


All in all, the 19th September performance was for the first time for the band to play in Tallinn and it was a success. The same week the band had concerts in different cities, like Narva, Viljandi, Tartu. AERIE continues the tour to Germany and later in Belgium this year to spread out their passionate music full of modern jazz intensity. 


Saturday 19th of September, 

Kumu Auditorium 17:00



• Sam Comerford (Ireland) – Sax

• Ingo Hipp (Germany) – Sax

• Laurent Méteau (Switzerland) – Git

• Peedu Kass (Estonia) – Bass

• Matt Jacobson (Ireland) – Drums