An evening in New York

27. September 2016
Mihaela Barac

It all started as a proper evening jazz show…with a space full of people with awaiting eyes, moving glasses, pleasant discussions and a bit more space left for the actual music. The place was full. The public was more than happy to be there…they were enjoying every minute. The musicians were announced and the atmosphere exploded.


The repertoire started out with the single Liberia from Coltrane’s album Coltrane’s Sound. Moving on to an open talk from Jaak Sooäär about his colleagues at this individual project. The mood was still serious and official. The stage was keeping it tight so we could enter the general state of mind of the evening sounds. After that we had it all…the authentic New York style jazz evening was all over us. The stage begun to shine with music. Solo after solo, even though they were passing on leadership of instruments in the most gentle way, it would still make you dizzy with emotions. It was hard to keep your body still, as well as your soul. It felt like a time machine. This is were music is proven to be the best mind transporter/ transportation for the mind – it makes you believe anything and everything. But even if it came from the beginning of the last century, the groove felt nothing but new and fresh. This was especially thanks to the electric guitar in hands of Jaak Sooäär.


The public was breathing every note. I was asking myself if the artists were improvising along with the mood of the club or if the crowd was just receiving the rhythm so naturally. Maybe the only thing missing was the smoke of cigars, but we definitely had the pure dark atmosphere with couples flirting, old friends meeting and with the eyes of fanatics moving independently from their thoughts.


The concert was about most of John Coltrane’s work, but it mostly concentrated around his deepest spritual work – the album A Love Supreme. Therefore we had the great opportunity to sing along a great mantra from the track Acknowledgement, that actually gave the album its name. We were all connected, we were there with the vibe.


It was two hours of silky smooth playful ups and downs of feelings, vibrations and dances of mind. And Jaak’s red shoes were the center piece of the music bouquet.
Sooäär-Paal Kvintett „A Love Supreme – John Coltrane 90”
16th of September 2016, Theatre NO99.


Aleksander Paal – saxophone;
Jaak Sooäär – electric guitar;
Joel Remmel – piano;
Heikko Remmel – double bass;
Anssi Tirkkonen – drums


Check out the photos here.