At the beginning of a deep soul journey

23. April 2017
Ines Margato

It wasn’t with an ordinary concert that the 28th JazzKaar festival opened its doors. Kira Skov and Maria Faust honoured the public with their talents and determination, providing an extravaganza. With five musicians and a choir, both artists focused on fiery rhythms and melodies; their music shivered and vibrated in the dark room of Vaba Lava. The ensemble was welcomed by an audience overflowing with emotions and expectations.


Kira Skov and Maria Faust presented their album In the Beginning, which was developed in early 2017 and unites two exceptional award-winning artists from Estonia and Denmark. They took their inspiration from the almost forgotten historical narratives and psychological layers of Estonian folk culture. This collective work is full of revolutionary creative energy, charming and mysterious tones, combinations and variations.


Together with the band and choir, Faust was the first performer on stage. Immediately, Faust showed off her outstanding technique, full of passion and elegance. Quietly, barefooted, Kira entered the stage.


Throughout the concert, Faust’s presence was unique and wild. Eccentric. And, when playing her harmonious sax, Faust conducted a variety of instrumental and vocal tones, allowing the curtains to be opened on a powerful grounded concert.


Additionally, the public was blown away by Kira’s intense presence, dominant voice and flowing movements. She shared her own deep soul journey, being profoundly connected with the lyrics and rhythms.


The room become richer with the explosion of sounds, choral expressions, rhythms and tones. It was a scream for liberation, a search for a place to be, a connection, a presence, a prayer. A Beginning.


The concert invited emotions to enter the soul and the audience was very impressed and enchanted by the magnetising performances.


Kira Skov & Maria Faust (Estonia-Denmark)

Friday 21th April 2017, 7.30pm at Vaba Lava, Tallinn



Kira Skov (vocal, composer)
Maria Faust (alto saxophone, composer, conductor)
Tobias Wiklun (trumpet)
Ned Ferm (tenor saxophone)
Meelis Vind (bass clarinet)
Seb Rochford (drums)
Nils Bo Davidsen (double bass)

Choir: Marie Roos (soprano), Silja Uhs (mezzo), Annely Leinberg (alto), Raul Mikson (tenor), Meelis Hainsoo (baritone), Joosep Sang (bass)

Check out the photos of the concert here