Better drunk in love than sober everyday

25. April 2019
Mihaela Barac

Kadri Voorand ja Mihkel Mälgand have been performing together now for a while and have a bond that is charmingly talented. They are duo that does not need presenting and who are already well-known in Estonia. 

Their music is authentic and original, performing with a note of extravaganza as well as homey cosiness. The duo leaves a lot of room for improvisation and feeling of the moment, communicating all the time with the public. The instruments, piano and bass, are sparked with ambiental electronic beats and create sounds and vibes of fairy tales and dreams – anything is allowed. Kadri Voorand has her own charm when on stage, strong voice perfect for improvisations and melodic Estonian poems while juggling with languages and stories. She is the one and everything. 

We heard songs from a fresh album where Mihkel Mälgand sings Like Yoko and John and covers from most loved classics such as Michael Jackson’s They don’t care about us. They also performed their earlier work, written when the duo started. Their works are born out of love mostly, that feeling that makes you dream and fly and stop all time, but most importantly be with own thoughts, because, as Kadri Voorand put it herself: “Better drunk in love than sober everyday.” 

KADRI VOORAND “In Duo With Mihkel Mälgand” 
Tuesday 23th of April 2019, 18:00 Vaba Lava


Kadri Voorand – vocal, piano, electronic
Mihkel Mälgand – double bass, bass guitar


See photos from the concert here.