Carmen Paris: Breaking Barriers through Song

14. October 2016
Teresa Garcia

Carmen Paris has taken the 13 indigenous grandmothers council to Spain to name one of many things she has accomplished. Hard-working, mesmerizing, vital and with the curiosity of a child, Carmen transmits her passion without limits to the world on the stage and everywhere she goes.


How did Your music career start? Where did You learn how to play and sing? Why Jota?
I started to sing when I started to talk, I was barely 2 years old and I already sang popular songs that my mother sang and the jotas that my father would teach me (he was passionate about this style). When I was 7 years old I started to study guitar and at the age of 8 I studied solfeo and piano as well.


What inspires You Carmen?
Life, my travels, emotional experiences, books, birds singing…


What are Your impressions of Tallinn? What did You like the most?
Tallinn has been such a grand discovery because I didn’t know that much about it, I knew Arvo Pärt and I didn’t know he was from here. I loved the Old town of course, and also Telliskivi Creative center.


Your concert was a great presentation of Spanish culture, thanks to the fusion of styles You do, is there anything You would have liked to share with the Estonian public that maybe wasn’t possible?
I have much more repertoire, since I did a synthesis of my 4 albums and when I play with my band I move freely on the stage.


You are a fervent defender of Human Rights and through Your music and by the stories You have shared we understand You have been breaking barriers everywhere You go! Are there any barriers You would like to break down at the moment?
In my musical career I have already broken through plenty and in my personal life I would like to break through the barrier of how difficult it is to have a steady relationship in this profession.


In several occasions You said that you liked to cook with music, what ingredients have You not put in the pot yet?
I haven’t cooked with the sounds of northern Europe and the Far East yet.


You have been in the music industry for 30 years now, is there any advice You would give, is there any recipe?
There aren’t any recipes of course, study music and be aware that this is not a sprint, it is a long race. I have always been someone who has worked hard to get where I am, I have always learned to adapt to all situations and I enjoy working with all sorts of musicians, so I always find a way to get around.


You have walked us through Your 4 albums and You offered different covers of great Spanish songs, and I’ve heard You are preparing a new album, when will we have the pleasure to hear it?
At first it should be ready for next year, but I have not started to compose it yet.


Carmen Paris
Saturday 8th October 2016, 5pm at the Kumu Art Museum (Tallinn).


See the photos from the concert here.