Carrot Lights:  Laura de Vil and the 101 hums

27. April 2015
Pilarica Martin

An innovative performance with three well-known Estonian musicians Joel Remmel,  Kaspar Kalluste and Laura Remmel in the penultimate evening of the festival at Punane Maja.


Supporting the healthy style of life, the band offered a bottle of carrot juice to everyone attending. Surprising the audience with her stunning outfit, the singer evoked Cruella de Vil, the character reinforced by the tunes of her vocal cords. Featuring techniques that include consonant harmony, reiteration of musical phrases and the gradual transformation of her voice, where the piano and drums were the perfect and balanced melody of the picturesque gig.

The story of the band starts when Joel Remmel and Kaspar Kalluste were studying music together in Sweden for a year. They took some of the influences and when they were back in Estonia, decided to begin a new and innovative project. Laura Remmel joined them a bit later. The anecdote on their band name is that at the beginning they wanted to use the name of an animal, but there are a lot of bands with animal names (rabbits, dragons, elephants etc.). As their music is diverse in the Estonian scene, they also wanted to have an original name. So they decided to move to another field, such as what do animals eat? So why not carrots! Their colour is very light in spite of the dark lands where it grows. That’s how Carrot Lights came up.

Within the music they play, there’s nothing fixed. They make the melodies according to some parameters that is established before, like a base. The rest is just improvised. Their music is minimalistic.

It’s great to see Laura Remmel’s development in this band. She got known in 2005 when she represented Estonia in the Eurovision Song Contest. Back then, her style was pure pop. Her studies in Boston between 2007 and 2009 and her specialization in a master of experimental music in the Netherlands has put a lot more into her musical knowledge and capability.

To summarize, people could enjoy the clear aesthetic chords in a different conception of work. A work in progress that represents a new approach to the activity of listening to music by focusing on the internal processes of it. A different musical experience.

April 24th of 2015, Punane Maja.
Joel Remmel – piano
Laura Remmel – voice
Kaspar Kalluste – drums