Cosmic Jazz

25. April 2016
Maria Patrakova

State of Zoe is an Estonian band that mixes live instruments with electronics and jazz tunes with club beats. They became famous in Estonia after the music competition Eesti Laul 2014. This year at Jazzkaar they were the Saturday night headliners with new band members and new sound.



The show was an amazing audio-visual adventure. During the first songs the stage looked like a storm: blue and purple smoke with flashing lights. Later the light changed to yellow, like rays of sun. Then it became pink when the band was playing a slow drag ballad with a smooth guitar solo, then the storm was back… The weather on stage kept changing to support the mood of each song. The only things you could see clearly through the smoke were the musicians’ white outfits under the white Jazzkaar logo.



The sounds coming from the stage were surrealistic and hypnotising. Anneliis Kits was singing into two microphones. Her real vocal was combined with special effects, echoes, synthesised voices, and recorded speech. In addition to the instruments – drums, guitar, a keyboard – a lot of electronic sounds were embedded into the music, immersing the audience into a trance. People in the concert hall were dancing to the rhythm and coiling to the melodic flow, and so were the performers on stage.



The band finished the show with a song titled Jupiter. This was a great summary of the performance: it felt like a cosmic trip, a non-gravity full-body experience.


Check the pictures of the concert here.


State of Zoe

23rd of April at 11 pm at Punane Maja


Anneliis Kits – vocals

Carl Tuulik – electronics

Reelika Ranik – back vocals

Uku Kübar – keyboards & vocals

Martin Peterman – drums & electronics

Jonas Kaarnamets – guitar