Farewell rhythms for a safe journey and calm sea

01. May 2013

Since departures are never easy, Urban City Project decided to put a smile on random traveller faces and give them a reason to dance, before leaving the country. On Saturday, 27th of April at 11.45 in the harbour’s Terminal A, Brazilian guitar player, Eduardo Agni tuned his guitar with mellow melodies and wished farewell to people who were preparing to leave the land.


By Ana Pervan


His music was so charming and relaxing that for a moment I wished to hear him play on every tram and bus station platform, airport and harbour. Maybe that’s not such a bad idea! If the positive vibe of the live music is following the travellers; their journey will have a good kick-off and it won’t be so difficult to say goodbye to people and the place that are soon to be left behind.

Eduardo is on the mission to share the message riddled in his music. He says that the rational level of human behaviour is none of his concern. His music is meant to dig much deeper and touch the irrational dimension of human being; a place vulnerable enough to understand the message of love and the beauty of life in all of its ups and downs.

While observing the people who heard our Brazilian guest playing, for the moment it seemed that the message was received. Two men passing by started to dance, the cleaning ladies silently stopped with their work and started to daydream, one women who didn’t see the Jazzkaar sign which was placed next to Eduardo’s improvised stage, came closer and gave him some coins…

Eduardo Agni’s music is inspired by Brazilian rhythm touched people’s souls; it has made someone’s day better, but it has also fulfilled Eduardo’s mission in Estonia, has motivated him enough to write new compositions and come back to spread beautiful vibes in Tallinn’s streets.

For 45 minutes the Terminal A of Tallinn’s harbour was flooded with positive emotions and warm Brazilian rhythms. This was a good beginning of someone’s journey and a nice ending of Urban City Project. When talking about the ending of the jazz festival and the Urban City Project which was organizing free-of-charge concerts and events around the city, it is important to mention the following.

Except Eduardo’s performance in the harbour, Siim Aimla and students from the Georg Otsa Music School spiced up the atmosphere in the Tallinn’s tram service. On the same day everyone who took the tram No. 1 from the Viru Center around 2.15 p.m., could have heard, sang, danced and enjoyed the groovy rhythms of Siim & Co. Saxophone, accordion and the flip-flops as percussions to the industrial pipes were an interesting choice of instruments.


As proved before, Siim and his small improvised band turned the regular tram into a special jazz speed-on-rails, filled with happy melodies, laughter and confused, but positively surprised passengers.

One is for sure; this year’s Urban City Project has brought many different music events to Tallinn. According to people’s reactions, jazz has become a little bit closer to their hearts and minds and we are extremely happy for that. Looking forward to next year and the new Urban City Project!

Eduardo Agni – guitar
Performed in Harbor’s Terminal A on 27th of April 2013

Siim and students from the Georg Otsa Music School
Performed on Tram No. 1 on 27th April 2013