Forest full of Dreams

29. November 2017
Mihaela Barac

It is that magic time of the year, when winter brings holidays and dreams comes true. This Tuesday, dreams came true to us through sound and the Estonian fairy lady Mari Kalkun, together with her stage partner Aleksandra Kremenetski. Along the great talent that both had, they joyed us with lots of other interesting folk and children inspired instruments. Mari had 2 zithers and accordion, and Aleksandra had too many to remember – from vibraphone up to the whole drum set, which was very well put for modern traditional Estonian rhythms.


As it was the first concert of her 3rd album Ilmamõtsan or Wood of the World, if one tries to translate the beautiful Võru language into English, we got a lot of stories of where and how between the songs. Felt like having tea with Mother Nature with tales gathered from all over Estonia. Of course, all the lyrics that were sung in Võru language, were better to be enjoyed as they were, with the sweet mistery of not understanding its meanings. Songs were about nature, love, family and unnamed things of the world. The spirits of the forest took over the whole KUMU auditorium. We were enchanted and taken away in the midsts of Southern Estonian woods. Under the spell of pines and birds.


Both artists had their solo time and every vibration was personal. Every word was warm. The public was invited to join to participate during the song Tummõhit Tsõõrõ. Every song was a timeless hypnotising experience. Very promising album release concert. For the encore we heard a song dedicated to Mari’s father and daughter. And with this we took the precious spirits of the woods and took them home with us to keep the magic alive for the whole winter.


Mari Kalkun (Estonia) “Ilmamõtsan”
Tuesday, 28th of November, 2017 at 19:00 Kumu auditorium, Tallinn


Mari Kalkun – vocal, 12-string Estonian zither, Estonian zither, accordion;
Aleksandra Kremenetski – percussion, vibrafon.


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