Groove deep, deep underground

30. April 2017
Jan-Erik Aavik


I came into this show with a blank page, not having heard the music prior to the concert. The group came on, smiles on their faces, bursting with energy. The so-called orchestrator Ilya Gussarov went into a heavy dance flow, whilst the band radiated with deep jazz-funk, with sounds so vibrant that everyone in the hall had to move to the beat. The air was instantly electric and the atmosphere groovy.


The vibe of the group was so genuine and vigorous – groovy strong backbeat drumming by Madis Katkosilt and the stimulating flute and keyboards, with smooth bass and enhancing percussion. Again there was a band with a psychedelic backbone, but not in a spacey and subliminal way but a straightforward right there trip in the hall type of way. The spirit of this concert was different, filled with elements of soul, funk, R&B, fusion and disco. There was a clean shift of proportions between composition and improvisation, playing songs from Jazzbeatjäätis and having moments of insane impro. This is a group you must see in live!


Estrada Orchestra (Estonia)

April 29th, Punane Maja,


Volodja Brodsky – keyboards
Ilja Gussarov – flute
Sashko Petrov – tenor saxophone, percussion
Misha Panfilov – bass
Madis Katkosilt – drums


Check out photos from the concert.