Holger: Golden Jazzy Boy

23. April 2016
Ines Margato

The room had a homely feel, with black curtains illuminated by blue lights and shining instruments waiting for the musicians. People slowly gathered in the room. Up to 30 people came tonight to hear the magic of Holger Marjamaa, an Estonian pianist and composer. Together with Heikko Remmel (double bass) and Ahto Abner (drums), they formed a vibrant Estonian jazz triangle.


Holger was born in 1992 in Tallinn and, at early age, showed an interest in music, in particular, the piano. He has been dedicated to fully achieving his potential and is currently enrolled in a Master’s studies program in New York Manhattan School of Music.


Holger is a youngster of small stature. However, his talent is giant. Tonight, he presented himself with casual, charming, clothes, friendly smiles, an expressive face and body gestures. He played with a relaxed posture and precise finger movements.


The trio played Chick Corea (‘Humpty Dumpty), Thelonious Monk (‘Round Midnight’), Horace Silver (‘Peace’) and Holger’s own compositions. The rhythms went from powerful-energetic to romantic-serene. The band was in complete harmony communicating through the eyes and smiles.


Their musical commitment and skills were impressive, and their passion was visible. The musicians danced with their instruments, embracing the jazzy road with intensity.


For one hour the public enjoyed the musical waves and the vibrant rhythms. At the end, the band was applauded enthusiastically. Outside, after the concert, people were animatedly walking outside, fully pleased with these national talents.


Holger Marjamaa, 22nd of April 2016, 7 pm at the Haapsalu Cultural Centre

Holger Marjamaa (pianist and composer), Heikko Remmel (double bass), Ahto Abner (drums)


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