Jazzkaar 1990 Rewrite – A Fantastic Revival of Old Times

29. April 2019
Noemi Collings

Many people came to get another full load of jazz in their ears on the last day of Jazzkaar by listening to the Jazzkaar 1990 Rewrite concert. The gems of the 1990 Jazzkaar Festival were revived in a modern way and the audience was not disappointed. The fact that many of the listeners could have been there in 1990 was obvious from the audience, whose average age was comparatively high. Many of them probably felt a little bit nostalgic and were reminded of younger times at Jazzkaar.


The hall in the Vaba Lava was almost full when the festival ensemble, consisting of the four musicians Raivo Tafenau (saxophones), Raun Juurikas (keyboard), Taavo Remmel (double bass) and Tanel Ruben (drums) came on stage in the afternoon and played the first jazz sounds, alternating with grandiose improvisations and focusing on each other.


Between the songs Tafenau made short announcements in a funny, cheeky and at the same time serious way that seemed to amuse the audience.


Eventually the guest musician and guitarist Ain Agan was called on stage, and he proved his improvisational skills with a harmonic, smooth and almost dreamy piece.


Another guest musician was added for the next piece, young saxophonist Lauri Kadalipp also shone with grandiose solo interludes and, together with Tafenau, fell into a lively musical conversation during one piece, which was fun to listen to.


Afterwards there was room for the jazz singer Liisi Koikson, who sang very interesting versions of the songs Secret Love and Turnin’ Around with her clear, warm soul voice.


For the next track double bass player Taavo Remmel cleared the field and made room for electric bass player Raul Vaigla, who stood in focus with a rather fast funky improvisation and later showed that gentle ballads on an electric bass also sound incredibly beautiful.


One last guest musician joined the band on stage and together they performed a French song. Marianne Leibur’s deep, full voice blended perfectly with the French sound of the accordion that Tafenau had now exchanged for his saxophone.


The songs this afternoon were anything but disappointing. The program included a lot of variation, different jazz styles, great developments within the pieces, and presented many different talented artists, all of them virtuosos on their instruments who demonstrated impressive skills.


The frequent changes of instruments and instrumentalists provided a lot of interesting variety and showed that good music surpasses and always finds its way to the listener – even after 30 years.


Jazzkaar 1990 Rewrite Raivo Tafenau Festival Ensemble & Soloists


Sunday 28 April 2019 15:00 at Vaba Lava


Raivo Tafenau – saxophones

Raun Juurikas – keyboard

Taavo Remmel – double bass

Tanel Ruben – drums

Marianne Leibur – vocal

Liisi Koikson – vocal

Raul Vaigla – bass

Ain Agan – guitar

Lauri Kadalipp – saxophone


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