Jungle in the Night

27. April 2019
Elisa Polov

The second day of the festival got a very energetic kick from Jungle By Night, from the Netherlands. The concert took place on Saturday, the 20th of April in Vaba Lava, Telliskivi Creative Centre and filled up the whole place with tropical and funky afro beats.


Jungle By Night is exactly the kind of band which every listener should feel sympathy towards, no matter their personal music taste. This comes from the fact that they are extremely good at what they do. The band has a very tasteful balance between retro and modern; electronic, natural instruments and the rhythm section.


It was truly impressive how the guys were able to keep up the ultra-high energy level for the whole concert. I would say that there was not a single song, which would let one’s mind wander away from being present in the music or would let the energy level of the whole show drop.


The band was also very good at communicating with each other as well as the audience. It was absolutely evident, however, that all musicians had a very special connection music-wise and on a personal level as the cooperation between was extremely free and they were genuinely inspiring and supportive towards each other. It was surprising how all the individuals of a large 9-member band had chemistry, a connection, which somehow formed a united energy field full of power with the participation of every member.


To add, I would say that for a group of musicians of such young age, Jungle By Night were able to reach a very professional level with the quality of their music. Although they did say that they have been playing together for 10 years already, which marks the start of their cooperation at a very young teenage age, their sound was very full bodied and balanced. Due to the fact that there are 9 instruments in the band, the compositions were complicated and intense, and every single moment was filled with something new and exciting.


Jungle By Night

On Saturday, 20th of April 22:30 at Vaba Lava



Pieter van Exter – tenor saxophone

Ko Zandvliet – trombone

Yannick van ter Beek – saxophone

Bo Floor – trumpet

Jacob van Exter – guitar

Pyke Pasman – keyboards

Sonny Groeneveld – drums

Milan Hartsuiker – percussion

Tienson Smeets – percussion


Check out pictures from the concert here