Love, Peace and Music

03. May 2016
Ceren Ay

At the end of a tiring week, jazz lovers in Tallinn ended their last working day in Punane Maja. The Alevtina Poljakova Group presented a unique show where the audience could leave life related matters, chaos and stress outside of the concert hall. We had the chance to have soul therapy for a few hours with her peaceful, deep voice and spiritual melodies.


The Alevtina Poljakova Group, which is named after the talented musician, singer and composer, combined vital instruments and brilliant performers. Besides Poljakova’s remarkable voice, her trombone and saxophone show was completed by Tretiakov on piano, Novikov on double bass and Ivshin on drums.


Poljakova, as a respected jazz musician, is not only Russia’s leading female jazz trombone player but also an internationally well-known jazz performer. While she was a student at the Gnesins Russian Academy of Music in Moscow, she proved her unique abilities and won numerous Russian and international music contests.


Alevtina Poljakova Group left an unforgettable taste for us with both their special and multicultural melodies and also warm and sincere attitudes. The combination of Poljakova’s powerful and sensual voice, African-American rhythms and Russian folk music melodies took the audience from a place they knew well to somewhere far away. At the end of the concert, while Poljakova’s wish from all of us to love each other regardless of nation, religion or opinion received endless applause, and the show scored maximum points from the visitors.


The Alevtina Poljakova Group (Russia)


29th of April 8 pm at the Punane Maja concert hall


Alevtina Poljakova (vocals, trombone, saxophone)

Artjom Tretiakov (piano)

Makar Novikov (double bass)

Peter Ivshin (drums)


Check out the pictures from the concert here