Manu Delago’s gentle notes in Estonia

18. December 2015
Tinatin Baghashvili

Austrian musician Manu Delago visited Estonia to perform at Christmas Jazz Festival. The hall was full of Delago’s music lovers, although a concert on Monday is unusual for some. 


Manu Delago studied accordion and piano in the childhood. Later in life he moved to London, where he studied jazz drums at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama. In 2003 he started playing the hang which gradually turned into one of his main instruments. 


Manu Delago’s concert in Tallinn was gentle and the compositions diverse. Silence covered the auditorium when the first piece was played only on hang drums. The melody was smooth and sweet. By end of the composition Delago greeted the audience and mentioned the silence that was so strong that it scared him. 


The band joined him on the stage: Isa Kurz on violin, piano and vocal, Christof Dienz on bassoon, synthesizer, and Chris Norz on percussion. Delago himself played the hangs, drums and percussion. During the concert the band engaged with each other comfortably. Very positive energy was brought in with the song “Rudi’s story” where Kurz was rapping the lyrics while Delago accompanied her on drums. The lyrics were about 3-year-old Rudi who wanted to become a drummer but it was a big challenge for the little boy and his neighbors. The entertaining number brought the audience to laughter. 


The general atmosphere was appropriate for the music. Delago was talking friendly and easily throughout the concert about his music experience and compositions. He also dedicated a piece to a famous American star he met. The performance was very joyful for the audience. The rhythm and mood of the pieces changed and kept the concert in development giving hints of electronical and classical music. 


Delago finished the concert with a piece by the most famous Estonian composer Arvo Pärt’s composition with his personal arrangement on hang drums. The silence the performer and audience shared was mutual and special. 



Kumu Auditorium, 7th December, 19:00


Manu Delago – hang, electronics

Isa Kurz – vocal, piano, violin

Christof Dienz – bassoon, synthesizer

Chris Norz – percussion