Marc Ducret: Bliss point

19. October 2017
Mihaela Barac

On a Thursday evening we happened to travel in the vast unknown cosmos of the guitar music. Our captain was Marc Ducret. A very well appreciated musician and guitarist from France, very awaited here in Estonia. His modest and balanced charisma comes in total opposite to his music. One can feel lonely and faraway, as well as in the middle of a big bang and everywhere.


His music has no lyrics, obviously, the sounds make the words, white poetry on strings. The tunes are not quite the music, not what one would expect out of its definition. Here we find experience. More personality and stories. The guitar is the lover that can only speak when well loved. When well treated. There is an intimacy on the stage that is very inviting and leaves you strangled alone at the same time. I would say that if a drug had a sound, this would be it.


Songs like Luminous State were like a voice in the sound. The music had its own charisma already. Own story, detached from the one who is handling it. Detached from anyone actually as it helps you be with oneself. It is a sort of meditation state that happened in Philly Joe’s jazz club. A combination of rough… and softness… a bliss point. And for the encore we got the 5th Romanian dance by Béla Bartók. Wonderful blissful ending.


Marc Ducret (France)

12th Of October 19:00
Philly Joe’s, Tallinn

Marc Ducret – electric guitar