Oleg Pissarenko band: music that’s coming from the Universe

24. April 2015
Alina Kobenko

Oleg Pissarenko is not a person who needs to be introduced. As a jazz man, jazz performer, educator, and composer, he has been making minimalistic post-rock jazz music with his band for more than ten years. The music of Oleg Pissarenko band is not about style, it’s about pure creation. It’s even not about the personalities of the musicians and their talents. Here, the main performer is the music itself.

The people who came to see the quartet on April 21st to Vaba Lava were mostly mature and it’s pretty reasonable: their intelligent jazz is full of senses and not easy to understand.

Before the beginning of the concert the whole auditorium was so quiet and whispering like they were waiting for a miracle. Enchained to their chairs with disruptive waves of musiс, the audience was waiting for something astonishing and special. 

The integral part of the whole performance were the visuals that were made by Aleksander Sprohgis: the pictures of nature and its growing, changing, and coming back for the new circle of life. The video presented an observation of the nature while the music actually was the pure nature. All together it represented the whole picture of entity.

The new album of the band “Point” was presented in Vaba Lava. Deeply philosophical music full of breath of wind and flow of rivers explained the idea of non-ended Universe where everything is coming back and happening in a right way.

The first song that was presented by the band told a beautiful story about creation, the birth of nature, and the beginning of life. The sounds of dropping water gave the feeling of the beginning of something bigger, special spring feeling.

The sounds of the nature were changed with music to a space trip, like a big ship that is on a mission in the middle of the Universe. If I had a trip through space, I would definitely hear the same sound.

Macrocosm was changed into microcosm and a new composition with vision of molecular structure of Universe showed the idea of comparing atomic and galactic and from the chaos of tunes the cosmos of music was born.

Oleg Pissarenko descanted a lot about music, life, and reasons of everything, “what’s the point” of surrounding.

The public was delighted about songs with post-industrial sound with harsh criticism of capitalist society, migration problems, poverty, and misery. But everything changed, reminding us that universe is repeated. Everything is coming back to the nature, to life.

The smooth white-blue light emphasized the minimalistic sound of the band. Oleg Pissarenko band took us to a fantastic trip that we don’t want to forget. But as Oleg said, talking about music is like dancing about architecture. Let’s just enjoy the music.


Oleg Pissarenko band

Tuesday, April 21st at 19:00 at Vaba Lava

Raun Juurikas – keyboard

Oleg Pissarenko – guitar

Mihkel Mälgand – bass & double bass

Ahto Abner – percussions