Ready to play?

05. December 2016
Mihaela Barac

When it is Sunday morning and your inner child wants to come out and play the best solution is to go to KUMU auditorium to meet three wonderful, playful musicians: Mari Kalkun, Tuulikki Bartosik and Ramo Teder. They helped us enter the world of children and wild things like lions, hedgehogs, forest mushrooms and apples. The place became a woodland full of instruments of happiness and freedom. The artists helped everyone to dive into a mood of no worries and no responsibilities where one can be whoever they want.


The children were dancing and singing along, even if we had some songs in the Võro dialect about winter and dreams. Then we had exhibits of animal voices where some got scared or perhaps too excited. Things were getting real for the little charmers. We knew that every song was a game so everyone enjoyed and joined the game. Some of them knew lyrics word by word, others were open to learn new things. They also saw different traditional Estonian instruments like big and small kannel.


Some children were on the stage as well like the brave presenter and then a visitor Joosep with an ukulele. Then Sveta Bogomolova came up on stage with graphic effects. Inspiration was pouring on the screen behind the musicians. We saw trees through kaleidoscope lenses, we enjoyed compositions of vegetables and floating flowers. It was so creative that after the concert, everybody rushed to see how she did all those effects. Her eyes and smile was shining with pure joy.


It seems all left a bit of their heart there, at the concert that took us back to our sweet childhood with smells of apples and mornings in the forest.


Family Concert “Upa-Upa Ubinakõnõ”
Sunday 27th of November 2016 at 12pm, KUMU Auditorium


Mari Kalkun – voice, kannel, accordion
Tuulikki Bartosik – accordion, voice, metallophone, melodica
Ramo Teder – guitar, flute, kannel, mandolin
Sveta Bogomolova – visuals


Check the photos here.