Review: Groove is in the heart

21. April 2014
Mihaela Barac

The third day of Jazzkaar finished with the thrilling performance of Tanel Padar Blues Band and guest, James Dalton (USA). 

The first song was more of a teaser or a warm up exercise as the band was playing but the frontman Tanel Padar was still to make an appearance. When he finally got on that stage it took him only five seconds to make the public enter the groovy state of the concert. By the third song, everybody was moving to the rhythms.  It was hard to keep yourself on the chair. There was clear chemistry between the stage and the audience. Of course, most of the chemistry was between the band and their instruments.

Usually this kind of concerts are at night or late evenings, but yesterday’s concert was in the bright light of the sun. It was a little bit weird, as Padar said himself, but constant solos and duets were making the atmosphere explosive and gave the feeling of a real groovy night out.

A great thing during a blues concert is the communication with public. Padar often tried to make audience participate. For some songs audience was the key singer for the chorus. This got everyone excited. At the same time, he was attentive to get feedback from the band all the time, getting his friends on the same wave as him.

Everything became even more amazing when James Dalton entered the stage and made the rhythmic feeling even stronger. He continued Padar’s game with the audience, always receiving a great feedback. Dalton called the audience his beautiful little blues angels. I think this made our hearts grow even groovier. He was constantly dancing on the stage and maintaining the wish to always move and dance. After three songs with Dalton, Padar was back on the stage and before they started playing the funky song called “I’m not drunk, I’m just drinking”, they took the shoes and the socks off and made the performance even more free and detached. The public was already euphoric and probably hoping it will never end. All you had to do is find the waves that were comfortable to float on top of.

All through the concert there were little future artist exhibiting themselves. As I later understood, some of them were the band’s children. The kids were playing improvised guitars, swinging and dancing so well and naturally, that it seemed they were part of the performance itself. They were keeping the groove in the funniest way possible.


Tanel Padar Blues Band & James Dalton “Bluusipüha”

20th of April at Merepaviljon


The band

Tanel Padar – vocals

Ülo Krigul – keyboards

Raul Ukareda – guitar

Argo Toome – bass

Kristjan Kallas – drums


James Dalton – vocals, harmonica