Review: Young and talented

24. April 2014
Monika Erdman

It is difficult to find hardworking musicians among young bands and it even harder to find talented composers. Abraham’s Café have both. Their music is beautiful and easy to comprehend, and tough and sophisticated in details. 

Every member of this amazing sextet gracefully balances on the board when musical technique becomes unmelodic. Every note they play has its time, place and what it the most important – purpose.

Abraham’s Café have already released their first album “Journey to Haran”. At the concert they mixed pieces from CD with new ones and presented new edition of the album. 

Not a single composition of the program was at least somehow boring. These young musicians cleverly mix ethnic melodies with modern jazz. It was powerful, aesthetic experience, a long and exciting journey from mountains of Tibet to hot passionate Spain. Using acoustic possibilities of instruments and variety of electronic effects (Madis Meister played with e-bow and used various amount of pedals) Abraham’s Café are equally good at dance music and meditation. They seem to be good friends and remain respectful and intelligent on stage. Every instrument can be heard while on stage and all instruments has its time for solo, when no one is interrupting, but only supporting.

Marten Altrov made concert interactive suggesting listeners to name their song that is already written, but untitled. Even playing technically difficult lines they had fun and affected public with adorable charisma. One of the songs was written by Kaspar Uljas for their drummer who loved helicopters and it was called “Kopter”. Isn’t that amazing and cute?  

Playing a concert is physically and emotionally hard, but Abraham’s Café were ready to play infinite amount of time. After the official end of the concert they were called for bis. Instead of playing one more song and leaving, Marten Altrov stayed on stage and begun to play again. Other members of band appeared one by one. It was about an hour and a half of smart music that only makes to be thankful for.  


Abraham’s cafe

April 22 at Theatre NO99



Marten Altrov (clarinet)
Kaspar Uljas (accordion)
Madis Meister (guitars)
Martin-Eero Kõressaar (double bass)
Tõnis Kuusk (drums)
Joonas Pärn (oud)