Salvation of Estonian jazz musicians

21. April 2015
Tinatin Baghashvili

Telliskivi district is full of music, the combination of different and innovative, contemporary jazz. People from around the world visit the festival and inspire the atmosphere. Among performers, many Estonian improvise on the stage. Jazzkaar supports young newcomers in jazz music in Estonia. The concerts took place on April 20th in Red House where three Estonian music bands performed. 

The audience was eager to experience newcomers in jazz music. Three different bands with different sort of music presented their programs. Abraham’s Café captivated public attention with harmonic notes; it was followed by Kadri Voorand Quartet. The band with incredibly innocent vocal amazed the attenders. The concert was ended by Holger Marjamaa Trio. 


Abraham’s Café started the concert and created the tense of jazz music with the combination of different musical instruments: accordion, clarinet, guitar, double bass, and hard beats of drum and oud. 

Kristina Veerde: My experience was really nice. Abraham’s Café impressed me with their variety of instruments and the merge of harmonic music. 


The middle performer Kadri Voorand Quartet fazed the audience with significantly exciting vocal of Kadri and funky-jazz. 

Thomas, NYC Jazz Record Journalist: I have been amazed by the quality of Estonian musicians. I was here last year when I also heard Kadri, I think she is grown up a lot. There are not many musicians doing what she does. I told her that she needs to come to US. 

Erki Targo, 63: I think Kadri was fantastic; she made me fell in love with punk jazz. I was not expecting such a good experience. She was the culmination of the concert. 


Holger Marjamaa Trio captivated the attention of the audience and made the final accompaniment of the performance. The young pianist surprised the spectators.  

Thomas, NYC Jazz Record Journalist: Young Holger impressed me, he looks so young, but everything he does is very professional with great chops and notes. 

Erki Targo: Holger Marjamaa is a young energy. He is a salvation of Estonian jazz, because we have not had that many good pianists as he is. 



Tatu Rönkkö, Drummer: Well, I enjoyed tonight because of being a performer and at the same time being in the audience. The atmosphere was very intimate, interactive and warm. I think that today there were three different bands performing an excellent music. 



Abraham’s Café, Holger Marjamaa Trio, Kadri Voorand Quartet

Monday, April 20th at 21:00 at Red House


Abraham’s Café

Marten Altrov – clarinet

Kaspar Uljas – accordion

Madis Meister – guitars

Martin-Eero Kõressaar- double bass

Tõnis Kuusk – drums

Joonas Pärn – oud


Holger Marjamaa Trio

Holger Marjamaa – piano

Jonatan Sarikoski – drums

Heikko Remmel – double bass


Kadri Voorand Quartet

Kadri Voorand – vocals, piano, electronics

Virgo Sillamaa – guitars

Taavo Remmel – double bass

Tatu Rönkkö – drums