Serenity dance

12. October 2017
Mihaela Barac

Guitarists Ian Ethan Case and Andre Maaker were welcomed by a full house at Philly Joe’s jazz club on Thursday evening. Many were interested in getting mesmerised by the techniques of these two artists. Both speaking the smooth language of guitar, but both materialising it so individually. Accompanied of course by beautiful instruments: the 18- and 14-string double-necked guitars, fretless one, a classical one as well as kalimba and cajon for those magical accents.


The atmosphere was soft and relaxed. From the view of the musical tools, all probably started wondering what will come out of all this fusion. The double necked guitars just waiting for their turn to charm us. Andre broke the ice first. Songs of immediate inspiration. Taken from trips around Lithuania or own’s imagination. Ian then continued and all at once took the 18-string one. The story begun and the thrills have started. When together or alone, the resonance was magical. Together added more force and lifted the air higher. Alone was calm and warm. Instuments like kalimba and cajon were added to the dance of sound. With no intrerruption of the whole serenity.


Ian and Andre have such nice personalities, that while commenting in between the songs, one could hardly feel the change of the rhythm and mood. The techniques of Ian are new and shakingly interesting. His exploration goes beyond the necessity of lyrics and words. The chords are the voices. Fluidly inventing compositions and new sounds that tackle a 18-string guitars sound comprehension.


They just wow’d us and poured kindness in everyone’s heart and soul. Left us breathless, but fully inspired.


Andre Maaker & Ian Ethan Case (Eesti/USA)

5th of October 19:00,
Tallinn, Philly Joe’s

Ian Ethan Case – 18-string guitar, fretless guitar, kalimba

Andre Maaker – 14-string guitar, classic guitar, cajon