Studnitzky Quartet: Travelling between the realms of jazz, classical and electronic music

23. April 2017
Elodie Bénard

For the second day of the festival, the German artist Sebastian Studnitzky offered us an intimate, emotional and personal show with the guitarist Laurenz Karsten, the bassist Paul Kleber and the drummer Tim Sarhan, by presenting us pieces of his latest creation, KY organic.


Studnitzky is already an internationally acclaimed performer of the highest level on both trumpet and piano and his distinctive sound makes his music inimitable. He travels from his piano to his trumpet, even from his piano with his trumpet, thus creating sounds of an incomparable purity. Subtlety, minimalism and precision remained definitely the keywords of the concert, and enabled the music to reach a depth with no limits in which our spirits could unwind. Jazz, classical and electronic music; the multifaceted concert was able to bring us serenely till the apotheosis.


Sebastian Studnitzky feat. Laurenz Karsten, Paul Kleber and Tim Sarhan

22nd of April 7 pm at Punane Maja (Tallinn)

Sebastian Studnitzky – trumpet, keyboard
Laurenz Karsten – guitar
Paul Kleber – bass
Tim Sarhan – drums
Check out the photos from the concert here.