The romantic sigh on a Friday night

28. November 2017
Ines Margato

‘In life, we make mistakes and we hope not to do them again, or they don’t happen again.
Wisdom? Fear? If you don’t try, you don’t know’ (ALA.NI, 2017)


The dark room of Vaba Lava opened the doors to receive the British singer ALA.NI for the first time in Estonia. From the first moment, she captured the attention of the public, sharing her smiles, facial expressions and romantic vocal abilities. The singer revealed the essence of the human emotions through her own narratives, natural elegance and charisma.


ALA.NI was born and raised in London and now resides in Paris. From the early age, she attended stage, dance and music schools, which allowed her to develop her artistic qualities, style and techniques. Today, singing felt easy and fun. ALA.NI has a versatile voice and her music offers a deep sense of intimacy and connection, without any limits.


The singer with the guitarist Thomas Naïm came on the stage together. Despite her thin figure, the vocalist had a dominant presence. With her long red dress, she sang freely, gesticulating her hands, snapping her fingers, whistling and laughing. Undoubtedly, ALA.NI has outstanding talent and it is hard not to fall in love.


ALA.NI presented us her debut album “You & I” where she uses imaginative emotional lyrics to describe webs of a love affair. The first song “Cherry Blossom” seemed to represent a beginning, full of optimism and possibilities. Then, the magic of the kiss was revealed with “Ol´fashioned kiss”, and the uncertainty and longing was shared in “Suddendly”. The complications of a love triangle had also place on stage by “Roses & Wine”. From the passion of the first love to the desperation of the love lost, ALA.NI composed all the songs being inspired by unique love stories. She used her blues-type voice easily in different styles, being able to control her tones in any rhythm, tone and accord, and she truly enjoyed it. Singing is her dance and the voice dances in her.


The public was very active in laughing, singing along and whistling. It was a very heart-warming performance, and hopefully ALA.NI will be back to Estonia.


Friday 24th November 2017 at 7 pm at Vaba Lava (Tallinn)
ALA.NI – singer, composer and acoustic guitar
Thomas Naïm – electric guitar


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