The Tamir Grinberg Band: The dynamic sounds of Israel

02. May 2016
Ines Margato

Different generations came to discover these young Israeli talents on Saturday night. Inside the black room of Vaba Lava some people started to gather in front of the stage, while others sat comfortably at the back. There was enough space to dance to the rhythms of Tamir Grinberg and his four band members: Edo Gur (trumpet), Noam Havkin (keyboards), Eviatar Slivnik (drums) and Omri Shani (bass).


Tamir is a 21-years old talent who graduated from the School of Arts in Tel Aviv. He is considered in his country as the best blues man and has been singing since the age the of 14. Tamir and his band have performed at a variety of festivals in Israel and on international stages.


Tonight was the final concert of a week-and-a-half tour (KaunasJazz, Lithunia) to promote the as-yet unreleased new EP album. The beginning was musically powerful with each member assuming their positions to the sound of the drums. Tamir was the last to come out. His voice showed maturity and exceeded expectations. And, together with the band, the performance became fluent, with different sounds and rhythms.


They performed original songs, such as “I Was Made to Love Her” and “Telephone Blues”, combining blues, rock, jazz and pop. The band alternates the astonishing vocal skills of Tamir with impressive instrumental solos. This way, each musician brings his own twist to the frenetic musical cornucopia.


Additionally, the band paid tribute to Prince, who was Tamir’s biggest musical inspiration. “Strange Relationship” was one of Prince’s favourite songs and their cover was wholehearted, with the public answering with smiles and applause.


Throughout the concert their presence on stage became more dynamic and energetic. The audience was enthusiastically dancing to the tunes and interacting with Tamir. Enthusiastic smiles and animated talk dominated the moments after the show.


22nd of April 2016, 10 pm, Vaba Lava (Tallinn)


Tamir Grinberg (vocals and piano)

Edo Gur (trumpet)

Noam Havkin (keyboards)

Eviatar Slivnik (drums)

Omri Shani (bass)


Check out the pictures from the concert here