Two hours of Gregory Porter’s jazzy magic

14. May 2013

The great jazz singer and songwriter whose song Be Good is climbing high on the UK Jazz Chart kept the audience of the Marina Pavilion under a strong love spell for full two hours.

Review by Ana Pervan

Some critics say that Gregory Porter represents the new wave of jazz musicians who are successfully bringing jazz closer to younger generations. The biggest proof was in the packed Marina Pavilion, where his amazing voice and peaceful stage performance gathered significant number of different age range jazz enthusiasts. From the opening song Illusion until the end of the concert, Porter’s voice, beautiful piano solos by Chip Crawford and the powerful alto sax improvisations by Yosuke Sato mesmerized the audience. The level of positive energy in the main Jazzkaar’s venue increased from the moment these guys, including Aaron James on the bass and Emanuel Harrold on drums, climbed the stage.


The mixture of songs from the debut album “Water” released in 2010 and the nice, romantic tunes from the new album entitled “Be Good” put the auditorium into delirium. Somehow it seemed that love was in the air that night. Porter’s voice followed by the romantic melodies would have melted the coldest hearts and made the stiffest people in the audience dance. The couples slowly moved along to the melodies of Lion’s song, Real Good Hands, Painted on canvases and When did you learn. Song after song, the interaction with the audience became more intensive. At one point, somewhere in the middle of the concert, Porter stated that he will most definitely come back to Estonia. In my opinion that was a very nice gesture to really appreciative audience who have been constantly rewarding Porter’s band with heart-warming ovations.

The atmosphere heated up even more when th jazz magician decided to show the full potential of his voice. By singing On My Way To Harlem and 1960 what, influenced by the 1970’s and up-beat, the auditorium officially lost itself in the magic of Porter’s charismatic voice and in the melodies of the excellent rehearsed band.


This jazz magic was so strong, that the audience demanded for the encores. Not once or twice… Gregory Porter and the band members climbed the stage three times and with a ballade wished good night to Tallinn’s jazz lovers.  Two hours of pure enjoyment quickly flew away, leaving good vibe and nice memories behind.

Gregory Porter performed on 25th April in Marina Pavilion.


Gregory Porter-vocals
Chip Crawford-piano
Aaron James- bass
Emanuel Harrold- drums
Yosuke Sato-alto sax