Vijay Iyer Trio: Magical Fingers with Mythical Strings and Beats

11. December 2015
Pilarica Martin

The piano player and Grammy-nominated Vijay Iyer amazed Estonian spectators with his splendid trio on 5th of December at Kumu Auditorium.


The five star rating pianist started the concert by saying that it was his first time playing in Estonia and he hoped he could come back. This professor at Harvard University is touring with the new album called Break Stuff that was released this year 2015. In his music he doesn’t just improvise, he knows what he is doing, and he proved it that last weekend. 

Iyer has been considered as a genius and a piano player and it is completely comprehensible, because as soon as you see him with the keys it seems that each finger is living its own life. The dexterity of this composer goes further than any expectation. However, the company of his band wasn’t a side music, Cramp and Sorey knew how to stand out and make the public applause resoundingly at the end of each solo.

Even though the drummer, Tyshawn, was wearing sunglasses, he could communicate with Stephan, the bass player. Cramp was combining the pizzicato with the bow, adding different colors and texture to the tunes.

The public was listening while their eyes were closed and nodding the head like they were absorbing the chords that were floating in the auditorium. They were enjoying the music and letting it get deep inside, and to prove it, they stood up while clapping their hands at the end of the show. 

To finish the concert, Vijay said “Thanks for coming, Mr. President. It was a pleasure to play with a piano called Estonia in Estonia. I hope we’ll come back”. At the end, he was giving autographs to all who wanted a memoir of this marvellous show. 

This trio is capable of constructing any melody into something deeply personal. And the Estonian audience has spoken, they want the band back.



Saturday, 5th of December 2015 at Kumu Auditorium

Vijay Iyer – piano

Stephan Crump – bass

Tyshawn Sorey – percussion