When scared – Sing!

27. April 2017
Miaela Barac

Saturday afternoon – children’s time to play. Circles of joy and running around predict an upcoming fun time with music. Presented by two young souls, Maarja Nuut came out on the stage like a fairy calling her minions. While her violin was calling out spells and games. Children gathered around as though in a cult – a cult of storytelling.


The ballads began gently. Like a respectful magician and adventurer, she told and sang all about the beginning of nature. How the trees dance and the sky sings. Every song is a metaphor for life, like a spell for protection. We sing to ward off evil, the unnecessary. So what should we do when scared? Maarja says sing! Sing to life and nature, while at the same time dancing like a horse in a field, as we heard in the song “Hobusemäng”. So we made friends with horses, wolves, forests and legends. In the end everyone was friends and was beautifully lost in an Estonian forest following some flying fairies.

The sounds were so diverse that in one song we would levitate from sweet, fluffy emotions of childish freedom to a rough, almost scary feeling of the end of the world. But all in all, the accompanying voices of the children always brought us back to the taste of strawberries in summer and the songs got back their sweet delightful dreamy sounds. Maarja had a lot to tell us not only about the world, but also about Estonia. In a mystical southern dialect we heard the voices of the singing nation.


Maarja Nuut, family concert

22. April 2017 (3pm),

Vaba Lava (Tallinn)


Maarja Nuut – violin, vocal

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