While riding in an old Volga

30. April 2016
Mihaela Barac

In a cozy Estonian atmosphere, on Thursday evening at Vaba Lava, the mainly local public had a pleasant and joyful encounter with the delightful trio of Peedu Kass Momentum. It was the first time they had played a major local stage like this, they are more used to small clubs, but this larger venue didn’t change the idea of a small intimate circle at all.


The beginning was smooth and calm, with one of the songs, “Volga”, describing the bumpy journey from south Estonia to Tallinn in an old car. Only after the second song did Kass start talking with us. He was home and so were we. Jokes were not forgotten, and neither were stories from life and childhood. Already we understood what the presentor meant by “golden” artists – everybody knew their value. They give us the feeling of belonging to their music and to this place…a nice emotion of being in the present.


New a fresh song was presented to his devoted listeners, called “The Telegraph”, with a very up-beat tone. Older songs like “Viis” (“Five”) written by Randalu were present and “Firy” coming from Thomas Rull. A cover of John Coltrane’s famous “Countdown” was performed too. With all these tunes their music easily gets under your skin and welcomes you with a mood of comfort and ease. It was very pleasant to get so much attention and communication, like long time friends who haven’t seen eachother. Describing the songs and explaining different colaborations, such as with Erki Pärnoja, or stories with teachings he received from his father. We found that a great inspiration for Peedu Kass was the soundtrack of the movie Cinema Paradiso, made by Ennio Morricone, they made a great sweet piece in their own interpretation.


The general mood was like a home garden party with close friends and children. Whatever stranger was welcome to join and participate. One would learn and hear stories and in jokes about each other. But of course, Kass didn’t want to leave us in a melancholy mood and finish with a sort of sad tune, so he joyfully changed it so that the venue became a dancing hall. We called them back for an encore and had the happy pleasure of hearing another Randalu creation.


In the end it all made sense…we were still in the old Volga on our way to Tallinn trying to get there in time, along the bumpy roads listening to Peedu Kass Momentum and remembering stories of old times in the same car to pass the time. And now we have arrived…vintage Tallinn, full of jazz, is ready to be explored.


29th April, Vaba Lava

Peedu Kass Momentum


Peedu Kass – double bass

Kristjan Randalu – piano

Thomas Rull – drums


Check out the pictures of the concert here