Rides: 19th of Apr at 10 & 13.30; 26th of Apr at 12.30 & 15.30

Sailing vessel “Kajsamoor” (1939) is a two-masted galeass-rigged square-topsail wooden schooner built in 1939 in Aasheim og Valvatne Skibsbyggeri yard in Sagvåg Sunnhordland, Norway, as a typical North Sea cargo ship.


The name comes from old Norse mythology and means The Mother of Wind Troll. Since the Trolls average about 300-years of lifespan our windtroll is a rather young lady.


Today she is the rare living example of typical sailing trader (LOA 108ft – 33m, beam 6m, displacement 148 tons) in Estonia, offering cozy tar-scented leisure cruises, day-trips and charters certified up to 70 passengers. Our routes include picturesque and unspoiled Estonian Islands, Åland Archipelago (Finland), Gotland (Sweden) and a long and lusty array of well-known maritime festivals, like Kieler Woche, Rostocker Hansesail, Ålands Sjödagar, Tallinn Maritime Days and other events.


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Rides are: 19th of April at 10 and 13.30; 26th of April at 12.30 and 15.30