Kontserdikaja: French D’Jab Trio bent space and moved time

08. oktoober 2007

Jazzkaar offered all friends of jazz yet another stimulating experience.

Before the red curtains of Theatre NO99 Jazzclub performed D’jab Trio from France: Benjamin Flament on vibrapfone, Joachim Florent on double base and Antoine Brouze on the drums. All three are classicaly trained and that can be heard from their way of playing.
The fleshly presence of the performance and outermost rhythmic accuracy were the first things to grab the audience. They performed complicated rhythmic figures and fast passages that had youthful, sometimes even idealistic fervour. At certain moments this complexity gave way to forceful rocking. The basist drew wide handed beat-motives based on quint chords, hair flowing, and the drummer channeled all his energy into accented parts of the bar.
The hint of rock music was there from the first piece and throughout the program, but is existed mostly in the shape of jazz-fusion – it was integrated to the musical entirety. But that entirety sounded surprisingly variably for such a small collective. In addition to here-and-now thythmical manipulations the trio managed to invoke some very fantastic sounds. The bowdraws of the double base and ringing flageolets, scraping of the symbals and virtuosous brushes on the solo drum, the slow vibrating in different phases on the vibraphone with some dissonance – all of that drew imagination in completely different directions.

The transitions of visions and returnings to the fleshly presence were often most smoothe and carried endless artistic tension, but appeared sometimes also as unexpected humorous citations. The dramaturgy seemed to be spontaneous and thought over at the same time. Besides musical humour there were also some gloomy notes, but these were always solved creating the effect of a liberating relief. If the sound was mostly chamber-like and clear then at the end of the concert the space seemed to openup (because of the rhythmic fullness and accurate timing) and create a feeling of being at a great stadium concert. And even though the concert lasted more then an hour and a half, it seemed unshamefully short.

Kaur Garšnek,
Eesti Päevaleht
Oct 3rd 2007