Eternal Beauty by Mustonen-Sooäär-Remmel-Ruben Jazz Quartet - Festival Jazzkaar

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30/11/2016 Eternal Beauty by Mustonen-Sooäär-Remmel-Ruben Jazz Quartet

Reviews Ines Margato

‘ A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord guides his steps’ (Bible, Proverb 16:9)


Tonight St. John’s Church was the perfect stage for the second concert of this year’s Christmas Jazz Festival 2016. The beauty of the surroundings and the jazzy tones allowed the symbiosis between sacredness and music. The public arrived expectantly and welcomed the Estonian quartet with an open heart.


The concert started with some gentle accords from Sooäär’s guitar, followed by the rest of the instruments: Mustonen’s violin, Remmel’s bass and Ruben’s drums. The heart welcomed the musical softness. Finally, it was able to relax from the daily agitation and the soul felt at home again.


Throughout the concert, the four men shared operas and sonatas from their albums: Aria (2011) and A Tempo (2012). Their creations invited the public to the world of imagination, through the heritage of classical repertoire and contemporary jazz. They broke the classical routine by exploring interesting combinations and variations from Bach’s popular compositions, as well as Händel’s and Mozart’s.


While listening to the masterpieces with delight, smoothly, the night became deliciously unique. There was a soft exploration of love, beauty, sacredness and serenity. The harmonic adaptations brought an emotional power to the hearts and elevated the human spirit.


Mustonen-Sooäär-Remmel-Ruben Jazz Quartet
Friday 25th November, 9 pm at the St John’s Church (Tallinn)
Andres Mustonen – violin

Jaak Sooäär – guitar

Taavo Remmel – double bass

Tanel Ruben – drums


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