Beady Belle - Festival Jazzkaar

ADDRESS: Pärnu maantee 30-5, Tallinn 10141

PHONE: +372 666 0030

EMAIL: info(ät)

Beady Belle (Norway)

Friday 28. April 21:30

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Beate S. Lech vocal
Bjarne Chr. B. B. Gustavsen keyboards
Marius Reksjø bass
Ola Øverby percussion
Agnes Andersen backing vocal
Ingrid Fantoft backing vocal
Helene Seljehaug backing vocal
Anders Aasebøe sound engineer

Friday 28. April 21:30

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Vaba Lava

28.- / 22.-
From April 1st 35.- / 27.-

Beady Belle‘s music is melodically gripping, harmonically intricate, lyrically intelligent, and underpinned by solid grooves. However, the true glint of that jewel is, as always, the stunning voice of Beady Belle herself.

Soul and R&B have always been close to Beady Belle’s heart, and she has always flirted with electronic music. With “Nothing But The Truth” she is fully immersed in these twin worlds.

Beady Belle’s live performances are explosive and hypnotic – and still at the same time near and tender – and always with the groove as a solid base to it all, and with an open room for real soul improvisation. “I don’t want the music to be repeated over and over again”, she says. “I love taking chances on the stage.”

Beady Belle released her 10th album “Nothing But The Truth” (Jazzland recordings) May 2022. This album marks her 20 years anniversary as the artist Beady Belle. She celebrates the 20 years anniversary by composing, producing, arranging and programming the whole album by herself.