Boomcat, Erik Laar - Festival Jazzkaar

ADDRESS: Pärnu maantee 30-5, Tallinn 10141

PHONE: +372 666 0030

EMAIL: info(ät)

Boomcat, Erik Laar Estonia-Canada

Friday 26. April 23:00

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Erik Laar vocals, turntables, percussion, electronics
Liisi Koikson vocals
Raun Juurikas keyboards, electronics
Martin Petermann drums

Friday 26. April 23:00

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Fotografiska Tallinn

20.- / 15.-
From April 1st 25.- / 18.-

The new trio of Estonian top musicians Liisi Koikson, Raun Juurikas and Martin Petermann, Boomcat, is an improvisational rhythm vehicle with deep beats and beautiful vocal melodies as its signature elements. Canadian multi-instrumentalist and DJ of Estonian origin, Erik Laar will bring his interpretations of Estonian traditional songs to the stage. The artists will perform two consecutive concerts to groove your evening into the night!

The backbone of Boomcat is Martin Petermann’s nuanced drumming and sense of groove. Keyboard melodies by Raun Juurikas, electronics and Liisi Koikson’s mesmerising vocals layer on top of the beat. Her voice is at times clear and crisp, then flooded with reverb, reversed and sampled. Boomcat’s music is so infectious that you might find yourself tapping your foot and nodding your head at one moment, having entered a delightful musical trance!

Components of the arrangements of Estonian traditional songs found in the archives of the Estonian Diaspora Museum VEMU include vinyl records and turntables, drums, keyboards, carillons and live vocals. Erik Laar’s talent for creating a symbiotic balance between electronic and acoustic, digital and natural elements is convincing and captivating; his rhythms are powerful yet delicate in substance.

Erik Laar is an Estonian music producer, DJ, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist who grew up in Toronto. He has performed all over the USA and Canada and released two studio albums. He is a member of the acclaimed turntable band iNSiDEaMiNd as well as founder and instructor at the Off Centre DJ School in Toronto. In his live performances Laar uses turntables, keyboards, vocals, computers and carillons. Erik Laar constantly seeks a balance between electronic and acoustic sounds. His music is driven by deep rhythms, yet the sound of his tunes is organic.