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Kadri Voorand „Kontsertlesila”

Wednesday 27. April 21:30

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Kadri Voorand piano, vocals, electronics

Wednesday 27. April 21:30

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Vaba Lava

35.- / 28.-

Kadri Voorand will take you to a unique journey at her concert, where you can simply indulge in music. You don’t even need to clap in between the songs; just enjoy yourself! There will also be fascinating guest stars sharing the stage with her. Most of the music will be born on site, but you can also expect to hear some of Voorand’s earlier heart-felt songs to support the flow of your thoughts and feelings. The audience is seated on soft mats. If you wish, you can lie down or even doze off. Of course, you can also sit on a chair if you like, as long as you are comfortable. Intimate atmosphere combined with Voorand’s impro-pop music creates an enjoyable whole which allows you to travel in your mind to wherever you wish to go.

Kadri Voorand is a renowned vocalist and composer, whose passionate performing style has gained much acclaim both at home and abroad. Her music has been performed at song celebrations and jazz stages. She has performed at major festivals in China, Hungary, Italy, England, Germany, Finland and elsewhere. Voorand has won the Young Jazz Talent Award (2008), the Jazz Musician of the Year Award (2015), and together with Mihkel Mälgand, the Jazz Ensemble of the Year (2020) for their album In Duo with Mihkel Mälgand (ACT). She was awarded the title of Female Artist of the Year at the Estonian Music Awards in 2017, the President’s Young Cultural Figure Award in 2019 and was chosen the Musician of the Year by Estonian Public Broadcasting in 2020.