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Rajandi/Koldits „Beastesses“

Monday 25. April 19:45

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Eva Koldits text
Mingo Rajandi double bass
Erki Pärnoja guitar
Meelis Vind clarinet
Tobias Tammearu saxophones
Johannes Kiik trombones
Villu Vihermäe cello, gamba
Ahto Abner drums

Monday 25. April 19:45

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23.- / 15.-

Beastesses is a modern woman’s look at the heroines of the Greek tragedies and the extreme choices they had to face, combined with the new music that was born around and inside of it. The dilemmas that women had to face in ancient tragedies (as they do today and probably in the future too) often forced them to delve into the darkest depths of their souls. Thus, the music that carries these themes is also sombre and dark, yet always facing towards the light. Although the ensemble consists mainly of deep-sounding instruments, which are traditionally entrusted with the creation of a musical foundation for other instruments, this does not mean that softness and tenderness cannot be part of them either. Just as all conditions and creatures are hidden in every human being, from angels to demons, there is a melody waiting to bloom in the heart of bass instruments.

Mingo Rajandi is a composer, ensemble leader and double bassist, whose work is characterised by interdisciplinary stage productions on the fringes of different genres. Her most important works in recent years include participation in the production Double Bass at the Estonian Drama Theatre, releasing an album with her eponymous quintet and being active in the bands Trio Maag and The Free Musketeers. In 2020 she won the Jazz Composer of the Year and the Estonian Theatre Award for Best Original Music for Double Bass. Eva Koldits worked at the NO99 Theatre from 2010 to 2018 and is currently active as a freelance director and actor. In her productions (e.g Khanty Women’s Songs, Izhorian Epic and Stories of Plague Times) she often deals with folklore, the subject of progressive interruptions and mythological archetypes. She has starred in several films and has been repeatedly nominated for the Estonian Theatre Awards.