Jazzkaar offers range of interesting jazz talks

16. April 2018

Jazz Talks are a forum for representatives of other jazz festivals and journalists from Estonia and abroad, supporters and melomaniacs. This year’s topics include music journalism, jazz trends in US and Europe, discussion about the phenomenal ECM, artist talks and inspirational musician.


Sun 22.04 at 13.30 Punane Maja „Artist talk: Erki Pärnoja“
The guest of our artist talk is the renowned guitarist and composer Erki Pärnoja. The talk will be in Estonian.


Sun 22.04 at 15.00 Punane Maja “Jazz trends in US and Europe“
Jazzkaar guests Michelle Mercer and Angela Ballhorn will discuss about the current trends in jazz. The talk will be in English.
Guests: Michelle Mercer, Angela Ballhorn
Moderator: Stuart Garlick


Tue 24.04 at 16.30 “On the road to ECM“
Musician Kristjan Randalu, ECM representative Manfred Eicher and conductor Tõnu Kaljuste talk about the process of releasing albums under record company ECM. The talk is hosted by music journalist Immo Mihkelson.
The talk will be in English.
Guests: Kristjan Randalu, Manfred Eicher, Tõnu Kaljuste
Moderator: Immo Mihkelson


Wed 25.04 at 17.00 Punane Maja “Media and young audience“
What is the role of media for youngsters and how to reach younger audiences? These questions will be discussed by Matti Nives from Finland (WeJazz festival, radio host), Thomas Rees from UK (EZHMag) and Aiga Leitholde from Latvia (music manager, freelance journalist and online talk show about jazz music „Jazzin Muzikālās Piezīmes“). The talk will be led by journalist Stuart Garlick (Charm Offensive).
Guests: Matti Nives, Thomas Rees, Aiga Leitholde
Moderator: Stuart Garlick (Charm Offensive)
The talk will be in English.


Fri 27.04 at 17.00 Punane Maja “Jaak Sooäär about musicians who have inspired him“
Phenomenal guitarist Jaak Sooäär will talk about influential artists that have inspired him on his music career. The talk will be also recorded for a podcast.
The talk will be in Estonian.
Guest: Jaak Sooäär
Moderators: Henri Särekanno & Kaisa Potisepp