Odd Hugo: Estonian-Balkans indie blues

21. April 2015
Alina Kobenko

Vaba Lava changed into really vaba (’free’ in Estonian) on Sunday evening to share jazz vibrations with people. Jazz fans had been enjoying good music and the atmosphere of the festival the whole day. The last performers made the whole evening and got people clapping, laughing and dancing. It was none other than an Estonian indie-folk band Odd Hugo.

This collective that is not only known in Estonia but also around Europe, was formed in the summer of 2012 in Tartu. Whether right place right time, born under a lucky star, some kind of ancient magic or lots of work and talent that made these guys famous. During three years they have took part in festivals like Positivus  and Fusion and had an epic tour around Germany and the Netherlands. Moreover,  in 2014 they won a prestigious competition “Skype’s Go Change The World“ and also got the best debut album prize at the Estonian Music Awards.

At Jazzkaar festival the band performed their “old“ hits (if it is possible to call songs from their first album that was released in 2013 this way) and also new songs. It is noteworthy that for this evening the guys had also invited two talented girls – Maimu Jõgeda on accordion and Lé Mi on violin. And they spruced the band up beyond doubt. This evening with six talented peole, electronic piano, hawaiian guitar, winds and accordion made inconceivable mix and filled not only the stage but also the whole hall and hearts of the audience. They didn’t want to let the band leave and applauded loudly after every song.

The spicy mix of blues and indie pop that has been added some country music makes this band impressive even for the worldly-wise audience. The public especially admired the song “Kissing in the Falling Rain“ that has more than 100 000 plays in Spotify. 

The melancholic song “Girl With Two Faces“ filled every single corner of the hall and got a huge applause.

Amazed audience, live performance, heady sound and peculiar harmony, Odd Hugo easily freshened Vaba Lava and got people dancing. The whole hall including the aisles was full of people from the beginning of the concert to the end. Let’s say more – the number of audience even increased during the concert and that doesn’t happen so often. The guys made jokes the whole evening and put so much energy in every single note that visitors left the music hall with big smiles, good mood and, actually, didn’t want to leave this concert at all. I totally understand them and am really exited about new releases of Odd Hugo.



Odd Hugo

Sunday, 19th April at 17:00 at Vaba Lava


Rando Kruus – guitar, ukulele, vocal

Oliver Vare – guitar, piano, vocal

Rauno Vaher – drums

Aigor Post – trumpet