Under the soul of Spain

26. April 2017
Elodie Bénard

On the special day of the Queen of Jazz’s 100th birthday, the Spanish duo composed of Isabel Vinardell and Isabelle Laudenbach completely delighted the audience.


The singer, ballerina and choreographer Isabel Vinardell with the guitarist and composer Isabelle Laudenbach delivered a beautiful Mediterranean sound including flamenco, ballades and melodic songs, combining Castilian, Catalan and Italian languages. Their musical universe is clearly influenced by traditional songs from different cultures, as we could listen among others some boleros and tango tunes. Our mission was simple, to take a seat and enjoy the warm show of two graceful artists.

Beginning with a sensual dance enhanced by a mysterious light and delicate guitar tunes, they continued holding a series of songs from their album “A solas” whose songs were recorded in unusual places like an old factory, a cove or even in a forest. We travelled from different Spanish speaking countries, honouring the different accents and aspects of this language of Latin roots. Thus, we could enjoy an interpretation of the famous song “Pa’ llegar a tu lado” by the Mexican singer Lhasa de Sela or a Venezuelan song “Serenata”, glorified by the deep voice of Isabel Vinardell. She also offered some Catalan songs, inheritance from her family. After enthusiastic applause, they came with a melancholic interpretation of the poem “Negra sombra”.

They won our hearts with their authentic generosity, humour and sincerity, and delivered a clear message with their final version of the Argentinian tango “Volver” (to come-back). So let’s say, ¡hasta la próxima!




25th of April (9pm), Vaba Lava (Tallinn)


Isabel Vinardell – vocals
Isabelle Laudenbach – guitar


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