Argo Vals creates new music from Estonia

27. October 2015
Tinatin Baghashvili

Argo Vals Band held a concert on October 17th at Kumu auditorium. As the audience was gathering in the hall, everyone was excited and nervous. As the doors were closed the band stood in front of the spectators. Audience welcomed the band with a big applause. The show was dedicated to the new album release called “Nokturn”. 


Argo Vals is an Estonian composer and guitarist. His active music career started in 2006 when he mainly started composing for the wider audience, TV-shows, dance performances, and movies. Argo’s debut album “Tsihcier” was released in December 2012. It was nominated in Estonian Music Awards 2013 as the Alternative/Indie album of the year.


His band has been quite successful and popular in other European countries as well. As the British newspaper “The Guardian” notices, they create new music from Estonia. 


The performance lasted more than an hour, however, it offered immense opportunities to sink into the music and feel the strong passion of art. The outstanding talent of the musicians and nicely created visual background made the audience feel very comfortable. Lack of words, lack of communication, nonetheless immense musical appearance and influence, boundless effect of moving images on a big screen with unlimited, very intense, chaotic presence. “We may speak different tongues, but music is comprehensible and dear to us all, in one way or another.” That is Argo’s main attitude while creating music and delivering it to listeners. 


The music Vals creates has a lot of impact from jazz, indie and partly metal. It represents modern style of musical communication, which can be filled up with composer’s life experiences, pain, happiness, passion, and sadness. So the compositions presented at the concert were full of different energy and rhythm. Some of them were smooth, slow and a bit sad, others were indie style, some characteristically emotional to metal. The audience enjoyed the performance and new compositions from their latest album “Nokturn”. 


Despite music quality, it is necessary to mention band members who dress up this spiritual music.  Argo himself represented guitar and piano, Karl Petti the guitar, Kaarel Kuusk the piano, Tanel Kadalipp played the contrabass, Siim Avango the bass guitar, Ott Adamson the drums and Kaur Kenk was the sound designer. This very synthetical and aesthetical combination of the mentioned musicians made the whole show very deep, high level and open. 


To conclude, the Argo Vals Band show was very memorable for the performers as well as for attenders. Despite short time frame of the performance, everyone enjoyed the compositions, visual diversity, spiritual atmosphere and the quality of their music. 



Argo Vals Band

Saturday, October 17th

Kumu Auditorium


Argo Vals – Guitar, Piano

Karl Petti – Guitar

Kaarel Kuusk – Piano

Tanel Kadalipp – Contrabass

Siim Avango – Bass

Ott Adamson – Drums

Kaur Kenk – Sound Designer