Audience opinion: Raul Vaigla Quartet feat. Marie Vaigla

19. April 2015
Alina Kobenko

The concert that took place on April 18th was really worth a visit. The audience was not only from Estonia but for example also from Finland.

Marjut Vuotilo, Imatra, Finland: “In my home city we have a huge jazz festival. I spent all my adolescence there and in other jazz concerts and festivals. So I can say that I’ve been a fan of jazz for a long time. And today here I am again, feeling like a teen. I’m full of energy and happiness because of this band. I’ve never heard them before but now I feel like they are my old friends. I really hope that I will come back to Jazzkaar next year and definitely I will find this band and listen to their music again and again. I already miss them! This evening is fantastic!“

Martti Klesment, Tallinn: “I feel good here. It is a special way of communication here – just with music. It’s my first time at this festival but I’ve known this band for a long time. I know them in different compositions and today  I came to listen to Raul Vaigla Quartet with a solo of Raul’s daughter – Marie. And I really liked it. I hope that I will come back to Jazzkaar next year and find some more interesting bands.“

Helena, Tallinn: “I’ve been keeping an eye on Raul Vaigla’s career for a long time and today I came specially for this band. I saw how the quartet was growing and today I feel so good that I finally got to listen to them. They made my evening today. And here are so many people!“

Maija Hallikainen, Finland: “We didn’t come to Estonia for this festival. We were just walking around the city and saw an advertisement and started looking how to get here. We understood that we should come. This is our last evening in Estonia, in Tallinn and definitely the best one. You know, best things happen like this. We didn’t even think about visiting concerts during our trip and now we are having the best time of our journey! Thank you Jazzkaar for these emotions and I really hope that I will come back. And next time specially for this festival.“


Raul Vaigla Quartet feat. Marie Vaigla

Saturday, 18th April at 22:00 at Red House 

Siim Aimla – saxophones

Madis Muul – piano

Caspar Salo – percussions

Raul Vaigla – double bass

Marie Vaigla – vocals