Autumn Jazz programme 2015!

12. June 2015

The jubilarians Veljo Tormis and Arvo Pärt are beloved composers of contemporary Estonian music. They differ in some ways but have deep dedication in common – Tormis being dedicated to all the aspects that have been in the hearts of Estonians throughout times, and Pärt to everything that transcends time. Both maestros are pioneers and ambassadors of Estonian music throughout the world, the latter gaining plenty of honour, victories in competitions, a Grammy award and many new friends. Concerts dedicated to both composers can be found in the enticing autumn programme of Jazzkaar.



„Liilee ja lailee – thinking of Veljo Tormis“


The melodies and Estonian runo-tunes of Veljo Tormis’ cycle “Ingrian evenings” take a fresh look at the masterpiece to find a way deep into audience’s hearts. Liisi Koikson and Paul Daniel draw inspiration from the rich source of folk music and their experiences in the ensemble Elletuse, the duo of Jaak Sooäär and Tuule Kann have introduced Estonian folk music both locally and abroad. This year’s winner of Danske Jazz Award – Kadri Voorand – has been playing, singing, and dancing in Lahemaa folk instrumental orchestra since childhood. The opening concert of Autumn Jazz is dedicated to Veljo Tormis.


A E R I E (Ireland-Switzerland-Germany-Estonia)


A E R I E is ready to fly! Flying with music and having music within – it’s a platform for crazy flights and smooth journeys. The ensemble is a joint project of European jazz musicians that originates from cooperation between Swiss saxophonist Ingo Hipp and Irish saxophonist Sam Comerford. More young and talented musicians were invited to participate in the project – bassist Peedu Kass from Estonia, guitarist Laurent Meteau from Switzerland and drummer Matthew Jacobson from Ireland – all for the reason to create fresh and energetic jazz music. The tour in Estonia showcases music from the group’s debut album „Hatch and Host”.


The winner of Danske Jazz Prize 2014:

Meelis Vind Group 

„Rändaja teekond” / „The Traveler’s Journey” 


The clarinet player and leader of many bands, Meelis Vind is a distinguished classical musician, brilliant jazz artist and composer. His journeys on distant hiking tracks and his inner world alike have guided him to different spiritual spheres. The winner of reputable Danske Jazz Prize 2014 is presenting music from his last album „Sand Mandala” that symbolises the transition, maturing, disappearing and rebirth of all. A violin, two violas, cello, harp, bamboo flute, tablas and sitar form an ambience for Meelis Vint’s jazzfully played clarinet and bass clarinet. The concert is recorded by Estonian National Broadcast.


Arvo Pärt 

„Lapsepõlve lood” / „Childhood Stories”

Release Concert

The Radio’s Children Singing Studio and chamber ensemble 


“I went to kindergarten every day, until the end of secondary school!” says Arvo Pärt and looks slyly in your eyes. After a moderate pause he adds: “My mother was a kindergarten teacher in Rakvere and after classes I usually went to see her.” There, at his mother’s workplace, the future composer often sat at the piano and played to his little friends. So it is not surprising that Pärt started his life as a composer writing music for children. The album “Childhood Stories” has been initiated by a singer and conductor Kadri Hunt, who sought for an opportunity to record Arvo Pärt’s work for children with The Radio’s Children Singing Studio. The concert is recorded by Estonian National Broadcast.


Estonia is looking for Jazz Star!


In two different concerts of Autumn Jazz programme, renowned jazz ensembles and young soloists from Tartu, Tallinn, and Viljandi are joining forces. Concerts taking place thanks to the cooperation of Jazzkaar and Estonian Jazz Union are part of the Music Year programme and dedicated to 90th anniversary of the first jazz concert in Estonia.


The concert on 11th of October sees Raivo Tafenau – Siim Aimla group uniting with young guitarist Harri Eensoo from Viljandi, all for the passion for classical jazz. Linda Kanter from EMTA (Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre) will sing together with the pros, having performed successfully with the band called Gretagrund before. Ensemble MiaMee will be taken to new creative paths by steady-handed bassist Taaniel Kõmmus from Viljandi – beware! Kalle Pilli will be playing the guitar side by side to his teacher Mart Soo in the same band.


In 31st of October’s concert, the young multi-instumentalist Kristjan-Robert Rebane will add the sound of accordion, bass, or keyboards to the 18 strings of Weekend Guitar Trio. Lauri Kadalipp who is usually playing ukulele in the band Wilhelm adds saxophone melodies to the music this time. Guitarist Madis Meister who has played in Abraham’s Café, Heliotroop, and Pae Kollektiiv adds his sound, fresh harmonies and improvisations to the beloved vocal group Estonian Voices. Vocal sextet will also be challenged by young drummer Kristjan Mänge, member of Wilhelm group and student at Tartu Eller Music School.


Argo Vals Band

“Nokturn” CD Release concert                                                     


The outstanding work of the talented guitarist and composer Argo Vals has aroused attention for some years now. He writes music for several bands, and also for films, TV-shows, and dance performances, being influenced by jazz, indie, and metal music to say the least. Music from his second album released in the summer will be played at the concert by him and six likeminded fellow musicians. 


Duo Petite Vengeance (France) 


The dialogue between saxophonist-vocalist Raphaël Quenehen and guitarist-drummer Jérémie Piazza is a special fantasy trip to America that brings joy of discovery to lovers of blues, country, rock, and jazz music alike. Although using several styles, the common denominator of their music will always be joyfulness, laughter, and the spirit of rock’n’roll. In cooperation with Vapaat Äänet agency.


Thank you: Institut Français d’Estonie


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