09. December 2014
Pilarica Martin

Paula Morelenbaum reappeared on Estonian stage after fourteen years to present her last project with the Germans Ralf Schmid and Joo Kraus, Bossarenova. The performance took place in the Russian Culture Centre at 7pm on the 5th of December as a part of the Christmas Jazz Festival.

Paula turned up after a short piano and trumpet intro with her opened arms and heart, giving people a great and surprising concert where there wasn’t a shortage of stories and anecdotes about their tour. Their repertoire was as wide as timeless, playing songs by the biggest artists of Bossa Nova, such as Carlos Jobim or Vinicius de Moraes. They also arranged the classical composition “Serenata” by Schubert in a cool jazz with new Portuguese lyrics, and even “Blackbird” by Lennon & McCartney got this bossarenovation outfit. 

Those talented musicians showed their abilities during the whole gig. Paula was playing percussion while tuning her songs with different instruments like Ganza double or Caxixi brought from Brazil. Joo Kraus was also combining the naked and mute trumpet, changing the colour of the sounds and modifying them with effects pedals and other devices with a perfect piano accompaniment.

Furthermore, the spectators were surprised by a cover of Michael Jackson in an experimental electro jazz combination in the middle, giving a break to Paula, who abandoned the stage. Between whispers and whistles, “Samba de verão” sounded so nice, pairing perfectly with Schmidt’s tickling ivories. 

As a result of a distinguished concert, people burst into applause and stamps of feet in order to claim an extra song, and with a version of “Mas que nada”, Paula ended the concert making Estonians sing with her. To sum up, This European-Brazilian trio delighted the listeners with a closed and heartwarming performance to keep them warm for the incoming cold days.


Paula Morelenbaum and Bossarenova trio, 5th of December at Russian Culture Centre. 

Paula Morelenbaum – vocals & percussion

Joo Kraus – trumpet & electronics

Ralf Schmid – piano & electronics