11. November 2015
Pilarica Martin

In the second and last part of “Estonia is looking for a Jazzstar”, the young Kristjan-Robert Rebane and Lauri Kadalipp performed with Weekend Guitar Trio, Kristjan Mängel and Madis Meister who perfomed with Estonian Voices on 31st of October at Kumu Auditorium. 


The only thing better than sitting in an intimate Auditorium listening to a smooth vocal jazz group and, sometimes relaxing but sometimes powerful, 18-string guitar band is seeing the new talented young musicians playing with the old stars in a perfect harmony, even standing out at some points. The event was divided into two parts: first concert was by Weekend Guitar Trio with the multi-instrumentalist Rebane and the saxophonist Kadalipp, followed by the second concert by Estonian Voices displaying their a cappella tunes with the drummer Mängel and the guitar player Meister.


First up were the mystic melodies composed with the help of looper pedal and the perfect combination of the soprano saxophone and the accordion with the three guitars. Kristjan-Robert was switching the instruments during the performance, playing the keyboard and the accordion, as Lauri did as well with the soprano and alto saxophone and the transverse flute. Their talents could be heard by the audience, who were with eyes closed to feel the sweet chords deeperer. The theme made especially for the Halloween evening was brilliant, a melody that reminded of a scary movie. At the end, their music became more country, in a fusion of American guitar and East European gypsy folk.


The second part was the acclaimed band Estonian Voices, a band that transformed their a cappella style in an instrumental one with the beats of a drum and the riffs of a guitar. The young stars, Madis and Kristjan, performed their own compositions, bringing rhythms even from Peru. A challenge for Estonian Voices that was a complete success. All of them, new and old stars were genuinely good, musicians who are all individually talented enough to carry a show on their own, all rolled together in an absolutely amazing experience. As usual, they were pushing the limits of what can be done with the human voice, a band that is experiencing a massive surge of fans, they brought “a cappopularity” to the Northern Baltic Country. 


In conclusion to this two volumes, the new Estonian stars in the jazz scene were shining, showing their capacity of creating art through their instruments. The stand-out musicians of the country, the new generation has started. They already have some space on the stage. Let’s see how far they go.