Free Concert Day on 20th April

14. April 2014

Sunday, 20th April brings the traditional Free Concert Day of Jazzkaar. Good Estonian musicians and exciting architecture will meet at the seaside of the city centre. 

The day begins at 8am with Bird Song trip. Ornitologist Peep Veedla will meet the group at Kultuurikatla chimney. Together they will find out what kind of birds reside at the sea side.

At 10 the Marina Pavilion opens it’s doors for morning yoga with sisters Gerli and Ereli Järve (from Joogaruum) and with Anne Erm, the artistic director of Jazzkaar.

The morning spark is given by Tenfold Rabbit and their concert at Koch Aidad. After that you should go to Admiraliteedi Pool where at noon Sandra Sillamaa and Reigo Ahven perform on the Admirali ship. 

At 12:30pm vocal group Söörömöö invites you to Hotel Europe. 

At 1:00pm the historic office of Overall will change into a modern concert hall with Tuuli Velling and her music. At 2:00pm the band Wilhelm performs in the new building of Navigator

The Urban Space project’s action ’Jazz Painting’ can be seen at 3:00pm in Kultuurikatel. Half an hour later,Laura and Joel Remmel are performing in the Gas Tower and double bass duo Kass and Mälgand in Salto architecture bureau. 

At 4:00pm a biking excursion begins at the Kultuurikatel. Registration is necessary at and the event is organized by Estonian Architecture Centre.


The day finishes at 6:00pm with Tanel Padar Blues Band concert „Blues Holiday“ in Marina Pavilion. Foremost it is a gathering of friends and good mood. The Blues Holiday will welcome harmonica player, guitarist and singer James Dalton, who won many hearts at last summer’s August Blues.

Fresh and melodic as the spring, this day and the many walks and concerts are the best thing that can happen with you on this Sunday, the 20th April. 



8.00 Bird Song Trip with Peep Veedla,meet at Kultuurikatla chimney

10.00 Morning Yoga with Gerli and Ereli Järve and Anne Erm, at Marina Pavilion (Sadama 25/4)

11.00 Tenfold Rabbit concert at Kochi coffee house (Lootsi 10)

12.00 Sandra Sillamaa and Reigo Ahven on Admirali ship (Lootsi 15, next to a dock)

12.30 Sööröömöö in Hotel Euroopa (Paadi 5)

13.00 Tuuli Velling in Overall office (Lootsi 11)

14.00 Wilhelm at Navigator (Laeva 2)

15.00 Jazz Painting in Eesti Arhitektuurikeskus, Kultuurikatel (Põhja pst 27a)

15.30 Laura and Joel Remmel in Gas Tower (Kalasadama 2)

16.00 Double Bass Duo Kass & Mälgand in Salto Architectural Bureau (Kalaranna 6)

18.00 Blues Holiday – Tanel Padar Blues Band & James Dalton in Marina Pavilion (Sadama 25/4)